Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

I'd finished my final exams about two weeks ago. haha. So the questions were undeniably tough. Like usual lah answer aku. lol. Mama already fed up with my answer setiap kali exam. It would be either 'susahlah' or 'hmm bolehlah'. REGUB questions were killing me. I practically had myocardial infarction (MI) when I saw the questions. Serius weh. Topik yang aku tinggallah yang dia pi tanya. What even?? Data paper got me like 'Oh my Allah! seriously??'. All the images looked the same to me. HAHAHA. Did I miss something during my revision?? I felt very sorry for myself at that time because I was struggling to recall what I just read during my study week. I frowned all the way from the beginnning of the exam right until the end of the exam. lol. Well yeah I did my best and I leave it to Allah to do the rest. I pray that He softens the heart of the examiners so they would give me extra marks and accept my ridiculous answers. I also pray that I will pass all the papers with flying colours. Aminnn. My next semester will be on 2nd of Jan. So yeah only two weeks semester break and that is so sad. I need to prepare my mental and physical for clinical years. Some of us will be practicing in HKL on 15th of Jan (my team) and some will be doing research somewhere in Selangor. Oh my Allah I really need to know a lot of things before entering the wards. 2 weeks of break had my brain so rusty and slow. Need to polish up my brain so I won't get myself into trouble later. I think that's all I wanna write for this time. Not really rambling pun actually because I'm in a lazy mood right now. Dasar malas! I need to make the rest of my holidays well spent.

Dah penat penat jawab paper Tropical Medicine, so kitorang pun isi perut yang lapar gila siap berbunyi bunyi masa tengah jawab exam.

Peposing kejap dengan family Mak Leha belakang tu. Sebab time orang nak bergambau time tu lah dia nak interframe. Sabau je aku.
I pray that Nur Farihin Hamdan and her friends will pass this first sitting IC2 exams with flying colours. Aminn. Till next time! and Happy New Year!

P/s: Oh ya. To all my friends who will be sitting for their finals this January, may Allah ease your ways. I pray for your healthiness during the exam weeks and good brain (memory) to help you in your exams. Aminn. Chaiyoookk!