Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

The stress weeks have begun. Final exams will be starting next week but my brain ain't ready for that. Still mamai lagi sampai kena baca tiga empat kali jugalah satu slide nak kasi faham dan hafal. Dear brain, you seriously need to get your s*** together. I feel sorry for myself because I failed to manage my time properly. Acah nak take a break few minutes between revising hours, last last setengah jam jugalah hadap Youtube tengok orang makan and masak pastu terliur tak sudah. Then stress sebab kena study last minute. Oh my Lord, forgive me. huhu. When I'm in stress I unconsciously ditching people around me. Ceh unconciously ye. hahaha. I being so silent because I feel like wasting my time talking to people. And even your laugh would annoy me so much. Lol. Yeah sounds parah gila en. haha. So when you see me frowning tak tentu pasal, it's either because of exam or because I'm hungry tahap hampir hypoglycemic. Pandai pandai lah figure out. Please pray for me and my friends that will be sitting for final exam starting next week. May all of us can answer the exam questions with ease. Aminn. Ohh my brain is calling, I need to get back to study! Tehee.