Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

Yesterday, I attended National Aspiration Leadership Summit 2017 (NALS2017) which is an annual programme for youth especially. It was held at PWTC and wave of people were there looking stunningly charming and beautiful in blazer. And there goes me wearing baju kurung kedah and heels and struggling to stabilize myself and to not walk awkwardly in the public. It seriously took time to acah look pro in that heels. But it happened eventually. I did look awkward in that heels. haha. The speakers for each cluster were those that have contributed to Malaysia in many aspects and have more experiences in their background. It was so inspiring to hear them talked about their experience and the goals that they have crafted to see a better Malaysia. During the closing ceremony, KJ was there. He was effortlessly charming. HAHAHA. When the chairperson welcomed him to the stage to deliver his speech, a Black Beatles song accompanied his way. He asked for that song actually. Out of mainstream once in a while maybe. You practically stole my heart tau. HAHAHAHA.

By the way, I'm trully sorry to this one girl, because I almost strangled her to death I guess. Just imagine a cinema. You need to squeeze yourself passing few people in order to get into your seat right. Payah gila en. Imagine me in that situation then. I needed to walk through the seats of this one particular row which got few people on it and of course I needed to pass each of them. There was almost no space to get through and I was struggling to get myself out so that I can escape to the surau for Asar prayer. This girl that I told just now, I almost stumbled upon her but I managed to 'hold' her shoulder while she was seated. Maybe I pressed her shoulder too strong because she kinda feel uncomfortable and finally said 'Ahh! Ahh! Sakit! Aduh!' and I keep saying sorry to her. I felt very guilty. Sorry lah sis. I besar sangat. Not really strangled lah. Exaggerating je. I was ashamed because I think everyone saw this 'scene' because it happened in the hall when KJ was in the middle of giving his speech. SMH.

At the end of the day, something happened and some of my girls and I needed to take monorel to KL Sentral and then switched to KTM to head to Serdang. We couldn't afford a GrabCar or Uber because the price from PWTC to our hostel was quite pricey due to high demand. It was absolutely a wrong choice to wear heels that day. If I knew that it would take lot of walking and need to take a public transport I would just wear a flatshoes. Our faces were oily and looked absolutely worn out and 'sis' from one of the stations wasn't helping. You don't have to show me that grumpy face and raised your voice at me. You're not the only one that have a rough day! The heels really ached my feet and it still aching till now. sobsob. At last, without no hesitation I took off my heels and walked with bare feet towards the station's waiting lounge. Oh with stocking. Protection! haha.

Anis, Dayana and Nad. You were the ones that always positive through out this 'trial'. Bai and I keep whining all the way. hahaha. I feel you Bai and you feel me too. Thank you girls for this memory. Thank you for that 'susah senang bersama' moment. I won't forget. And if I were all alone and the only 'talian hayat' that available was the 'sis' at the station, I would be lost in the middle of the city. Sorry, orang kampung. haha. Ohh and I won't regret if I didn't use the 'talian hayat'. double haha. Overall, my NALS2017 was bittersweet.

#darktallandhandsome. I couldn't agree more YB😍
Sis belanja lagi satu. HAHA.

The most candidest (is this word even exist?) shot we have taken. The photographer mantap. While we were thinking of what acah candid punya pose we wanted to do he took it secretly. Ni baru candid! Credit to you bro!

Muka Bai paling mintak kaki

That's all. Have a nice Sunday everyone!