Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

After few weeks of delaying to update about my vacation in Melaka now is the right time to do so since it's beginning of semester and only few lectures were given so still can catch up Alhamdulillah. Hahaha. Vacation sangat padahal rumah dekat Melaka je. To kick start our 2017 my friends and I went for a short trip in Melaka for 3 days and 2 nights on 6th of January till 8th of January. It was so tiring but awesome. Had so much fun walaupun banyak lawat muzium. haha.

We booked Brilliant Hotel through Booking.com. Can get much cheaper prices just by using this app. The hotel located dekat area Kota Syahbandar. It's just a budget hotel but it wasn't bad actually. The toilet and the room were in good condition. Okay je lah sebab dekat dengan point of interests. Malas nak invest more money on luxurious hotel because our main point nak jalan jalan and the hotel just for sleeping and resting.


Cendol Jam Besar Melaka

Located at Bandar Hilir just across the road from the Stadthuys. Tak tahulah sama ada kitorang tengah lapar masa tu or the Cendol was 'KAW' gila. I bought Cendol Jagung which costed only for RM2.00. A sip of cold refreshing Cendol in hot sunny day was a bliss. With kinda 'lovely' view right next to the Melaka River. S.U.P.E.R.B.


Stadthuys is a red historical structure located in Bandar Hilir. There are lot of stalls selling handcrafts for tourists. You need to compare the prices because some stalls sell their items quite pricey.

We asked one of the female tourist to take our picture together since no one of us bring our personal photographer. The way dia tangkap gambar nampak profesional betul sampai duduk mencangkung senget senget kan badan siap. Dan inilah hasilnya. Menakjubkan.

Street Art Melaka

Finished our last drop of Cendol then we walked our way to Street Art Melaka. Nothing much there. Just a mural painting along the street. Cantik! We managed to capture few moments here

Muzium Kapal Selam

Entrance Fee (Adult): RM5.00
This museum located near Pantai Klebang. Ainul said that many many years back which was the year when this museum was opened, there was no entrance fee. Gratis! 
Not much people around by the time we were there. Just a few bunch of people together with their family. People nowadays probably don't like going to the museum. It was fun actually. I eventually know how it's like to be in a submarine. So damn sempit. No kidding. 

The mannequin inside never failed to scare me. Dah lah sunyi dalam tu mana lah kita tak tanjat.

I won't survive sleeping on this bed. Jatuh tergolek jawabnya.

Pantai Klebang

Lot of people would come here especially during evening. There is horse riding and horse carriage riding available. I'm not sure how much the cost of horse riding but the horse carriage riding costs RM20 per ride. What I thought at that time was that it would be even better if I ride Uber or Grab. Much cheaper. haha. There is few stalls selling fried foods, beverages, kites etc along the road. Can feast your eyes and your stomach as well. We kinda having a beach picnic while watching the sunset.

Coconut Shake Original Klebang

The coconut shake in here is unbeatable. The best one I have tasted so far. My friends and I bought special coconut shake (with an ice cream) which costed only RM2.70. You won't regret. Trust me. 

Melaka River Cruise

Entrance fee (Adult/mykad): RM17.00
Please bring student card if you wanna ride this cruise. The price would be much much cheaper. You can get to ride the cruise for RM7.90 if you have your student card. Unluckily I forgot to bring mine. I left it in my backpack in the hotel. Dengan redhanya I gave away my RM17.00 to the ticket worker while my friends only needed to pay RM7.90. *cries buckets. The view at night are much beautiful than during the day. The Melaka City is more beamed at night. The cruise took about 45 minutes. I almost fell asleep but whenever we passed another boat on the opposite way, the waves carried by the boats from both directions met and splashed, gave away a sprinkle of 'ayaq jamban' (bak kata Bai) splattered on my face. That was enough to make me awake from my sleepiness. Thanks to Bai.

Restoran Melayu Melaka

We ended our day 1 by going to this restaurant untuk 'melantak'. It's located at Kampung Morten just at the riverside. With an oily selebet and exhausted face, kitorang redah je masuk kedai. Seharian tak jamah heavy foods then we ordered Mee Rebus Ketam and Kuey Teow Cantonese. Boleh tahan jugalah. And the price was not that bad. Mee Rebus Ketam and Kuey Teow Cantonese costs RM7-8 per plate. Serious kenyang.

The 'Ho Liao' Mee Rebus Ketam.

First day was super tiring. Everyone was worn out since the weather was very hot and sunny. We had'nt rest at all and maybe that was the reason why everyone slept so early that night.


Muzium Sejarah dan Etnografi

Entrance fee: RM5.00 (Adult)
Located in Stadthuys, this museum exhibits the history of Melaka during the colonization of Portuguese, Japanese, British etc. It also portrays the lifestyle of various races that make up the population of Melaka

St. Paul Church

Right at the top of St. Paul Hill, there is a church named St. Paul Church. The church was built by the Portuguese and originally was just a chapel. Lot of tourists from all over the world will be seen here. Probably it is compulsory to go here once you are in Melaka. There would be an excavated tombstone inside and you will see people throwing money in it. I don't know the meaning behind this 'khurafat' deed. haha

Muzium Seni Lukis Melaka

Entrance fee: RM3.00
Located at the upper floor of Muzium Belia Melaka building, this museum portrays many paintings and sculptures produced by Malaysian artists. Walaupun aku ni buta ilmu seni lukis ni tapi serius lukisan kat sini semua cantik cantik.

Upside Down House Gallery Melaka

Entrance fee: RM15.00
The house only has two parts or spaces and it's not as big as I imagined. Not worth the money I guess. We arrived around 8:15 p.m because we were stopped by the police on our way to this place. HAHAHAHAHA. I was driving the car and was so busy looking at the GPS without even noticed the sign of 'Dilarang U-turn'. Dengan selambanya aku pergi buat U-turn. Padahal dah perasan dah ada polis naik moto on the other side of the road but I thought we were allowed to make a U-turn there sekali hambekkkk kau. Blame the GPS suruh aku buat U-turn haram. Okay moving on. The not-so-best part was that we were told to do the poses by the worker there. Amende. Takde freedom. Maybe they were almost wanted to close so they make it a little bit faster for us to chiao. Dengan penuh tak ikhlasnya aku buat pose yang dia demanded.

Menara Taming Sari

Entrance fee: RM17 (Adult/mykad)
If you want to ride this Menara Taming Sari please do it at night because you can see Melaka beams more brightly and lively. Though you can't see clearly what's down there but the view would be more spectacular at night. The sky decorated with twinkling stars and shining moon would be something that you would love to see. 

Ajet ajet je ni. HAHAHAHA


The Shore Sky Tower

Entrance fee: RM25.00 (Adult)
If you don't have acrophobia (fear of height) you can go here. But if you have, then it's time to challenge yourself. The sky tower is of course at the rooftop of the The Shore shopping mall (level 43/42 tah. Tak hingat lah). The Shore also provides residency and hotel. The view is so beautiful on top. You can see the whole of Melaka. The ticket valid for the whole day for single entry. Bertapalah dari pagi sampai malam atas tu. The ticket is quite expensive merely to see the view of Melaka and tangkap gambar. That's all. Nothing much you can do up there. Nak picnic nanti pelik pula. If you wanna shoot for a pre-wedding or post-wedding photos, it's probably worth it to go here sebab view cantik tapi kalau just for fun kena fikir dua tiga kali jugalah. At first, I thought the ticket costed RM18.00 but when I went there the worker said the ticket was RM25.00. Kejap gila kau dah naikkan harga pastu banyak pula tu naiknya. Amboi. Beratus kali jugalah aku fikir nak naik. Then fikir fikir takpelah once in a lifetime and with this crazy lovely bunch so I gave away RM25.00 while weeping. HAHAHA. We went here during daytime so the view was limitless compared to at night. I was barely able to open my eyes because it was very sunny and my skin was burning. There is one see-through glass walkway but we are not allowed to take a picture using our camera. Need to use their camera. Aku bayar mahal mahal pastu macam macam syarat pula kau letak. If you want the pictures you need to purchase them which costs around RM45.00 per film. Amende lah!

Muzium Istana Kesultanan Melayu Melaka

Entrance fee: RM3.00 (Adult)
The museum was a replica of Melaka Sultanate Palace and its portrays the lifestyle and culture of Sultan's life. On the inside, there would be lot of historical items well-preserved and mannequin of the rulers of Melaka. 

Then we went back to our homes after lunch and prepared ourselves for a hectic life in med school. Overall, with a good place and a good travelling buddies, the trip was awesome though there was a little bit messed up here and there since we were not planning the itinerary thoroughly. The moments were irreplaceable. Setiap kali nak balik hotel setiap kali tu lah set GPS. Maaflah dapat driver terlebih professional. Sorry girls for any inconvenience and I'm trully sorry because I couldn't manage to bring you girls to more places in Melaka. Thank you for everything. So what's next? #KeSingaporeKeKita? haha.

p/s: the examination result was out few days ago and I'm so relieved Alhamdulillah. More and more bittersweet  to go. All the best PU-RCSI Class of 2020!