Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

I have a story to be shared. I had a jogged with mama this morning at Taman Rekreasi. This place isn't like Taman Tasik Titiwangsa or even Taman Wetlands Putrajaya. Don't expect too much. It's quite dirty here and looks abandoned despite one or two workers cleaning this place every day. But there are still some people jogging in here every morning though.

Jogging is our daily routine every morning except on weekends. Oh sorry! We don't really 'jog' but more to 'brisk walking'. Hehe. So while we are 'jogging' we gonna have some chit chat. Kinda. Not about big issues pun just about what to cook for lunch or what to have for breakfast or just something random.

Back to the story I wanna share. After we finished the second round and about to do the third round, there was a married couple just arrived. A middle-age couple. Mama and I know them. Just a regular people having a jog every morning. Like us. We always greet each other and sometimes just exchange smile. This morning as we passed them by they greeted mama and I like usual . But today it wasn't just a greeting but the husband stopped me by asking a question. This is W.E.I.R.D.

'Kejap pakcik nak tanya kau ni.' He said.

I stopped and looked at mama. Mama just threw a smile. I was speechless and just can say 'haaa?' Then he asked me.

'Okay kalau satu Barium (Ba) campur dua Sodium (Na) apa jadi?.'

I was shocked with his question actually. I was expecting a question like 'kau bila nak kahwin' or 'umur kau berapa'. Haha. I was like what is this? Are you smarter than a 5th grader game show? Ahhh. A hidden camera prank? Impossible. Way too ridiculous. I wasn't expecting it would be a chemistry question. Seriously pakcik? Why so random? I'd left chemistry for ages! Please don't expect me to remember. haha.

Slow blink. Silence..

His wife who stood beside him shook her head and face-palmed.

'Kau amek sains kan? Haa apa jawapan dia?' He asked again.

I smiled like a monkey for the whole conversation. I finally replied.

'Metal sama metal mana boleh campur'.

He chuckled. Then he gave me the answer.

'Apa tak boleh pula. Satu Barium campur dua Sodium jadilah BaNaNa.' He joked.

We burst out laughing.

'Oh okayyyyyyyyyy!' I said and continued laughing. Nice joke pakcik nice joke. haha.

It is good to have this kinda people around you. They can really make your day. And this pakcik made my day. Always spread good vibes to people around us. We might never know what struggles they are having through but a simple act can mean so much to someone.

Alright, see you again! and

May Allah grant us His rahmah on this blessed Friday💘