Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

'You dont have to care what other people think about you but what is the most important is what Allah thinks about you. Those people that judged you are not worth your time. They are the ones that you should keep yourself away from. Are they important to you? Why you care so much about what they said? You know your efforts and Allah also knows your efforts. This is rezeki. It has been written.' (A. Filza,2016)

Dear Filza, thank you for that positive vibes and thank you for lending me your shoulder. You inspired me in so many ways. Sometimes it's hard to be positive and optimistic all the time. And sometimes people's judgments kind of dictate your emotions. Because we grew up in an environment where people love to judge other people. You know that right. You just cant get away from it. This is what Dr. Beni said when I attended his talk and his words at some extent really inspired me the way you did. 'There would be once in your life as a medical student or your whole career as a doctor where you will feel regret and giving up but you have to keep going no matter what. That's life is all about. There are ups and downs, highs and lows. Just remain focused and strive for the best you can.' The minute after you consoled me Filza, I swear I felt so relieved like half of the burden that depressed my scapula has gone. Trust me girl, you are going to be my forever Yasmin Mogahed. All the best in summative. May we both can make it and pass with flying colours. Inshaa Allah. Lets rock this!

p/s: In my eyes you always look pretty even without makeup. I sincerely complimenting u ni tau HAHAHAHA.


  1. So beautiful😢😢
    I'm sure Filza would be happy of she read this. Has she read this btw?

  2. She did! And she was touched because I can quote what she told me. Haha.