Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

It has been four weeks since I started my second year on 5th of Sept. I feel so left behind. Everyone seems like to know everything and I still wondering what are they talking about. Sob sob. I got card signing this morning. It's like mock viva gitu. I dont know lah. I did quite terrible jugalah because I was so panic and cuak terox and didnt like answering the lecturer's question. I was like 'Hah? 'Emm' 'I dont know'. Maybe because I hate neuroscience. Sorry lah not your future neurologist. haha. It's so embarrassing because many eyes were on me. Whatever! Just forget it! Bad things happen sometimes. But in my case, bad things happen every time during card signing. Semua benda nak lupa time tu juga. Amende lah. I really need to get in momentum quickly. Formative exam will be a few weeks away. *screammmmm! I hate myself for being sleepy and procrastinating all the time. Ya Allah! Pain kembalilah ke jalan yang benar weh. Need to pick myself up. I need more positivity here!!!! Go Nur Farihin Hamdan!