Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

I'm officially broke right now. And I dont even have enough money to pay for my rent house! and also to buy baju raya! Acano nak raya ni. How sad. I'm now regret spending money excessively on foods, clothes and movies. KAHKAHKAH. Apakan daya nasi sudah menjadi bubur. Being broke is terribly annoying. Because that's when sales promotions discounts clearance segala bagai mak nenek start. *lock myself in the room and weep. Scrolled over Lazada site and found that so many items offer a discount and I can do nothing. Just keep scrolling while weeping because I only have few dollars left in my account.

Oleh kerana terlalu malu untuk meminta duit daripada ibu bapa khuatir disoal ke mana duit dalam bank dilaburkan, makanya I looked for any job vacancy/part-time job available near my place. Alhamdulillah I got a job in the pet shop (rasanya lah kalau tak silap dengar owner tu cakap HAHAHAHA) after been to countless boutiques stationery stores and kedai jamu. Siap ada interview lagi nak kerja kat pet shop ni. I thought just fill in the form and then start working. Jumud betul. Will probably start my part-time job next month Inshaa Allah. I dont mind scoping the cats' poop every morning and getting scratch by them. I just need money okay despite the work burden. Cewah. Your dream worker betul ni. HAHAHAHA. Tak start kerja lagi dah takabbur . Let's see how long I can survive:D

Alright toodles!

May Allah forgive all of our sins in this blessed month. Aminnn:)

p/s: mohon adik adik jangan main mercun masa tengah terawih ye. Nasib baik akak tak terkeluar opocot tau.