Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

I'm so jealous with someone who has high iman and takwa. I kept thinking why I wouldn't be able to be like them. Why I can't be constant (istiqamah) in doing good deeds? Why is it hard for me to resist all the bad temptations? Is it because I have so many sins and that's why I'm still struggling in being a better Muslim? When I looked at some of my friends and they are very firm and strict in covering their aurah that's making me feel so embarrassed and disappointed with myself. I'm so impressed with how they have gone through lot of transitions in short period of time. The power of du'a i think. Maybe I less concentrate in my prayers and that's why He don't want to give me what I want yet. Sometimes when we are too busy with dunya we tend to be rushed in everything we do and we take our akhirah for granted. Allahu. I admit that I also did the same thing. My mum always remind me 'solat tu yang utama sebelum yang lain.' InshaaAllah we all can make a good change on ourselves. Slowly but surely. 'Allah tidak melihat kepada hasil tapi Allah melihat kepada usaha.' Wallahua'lam. May Allah grant us with His maghfirah always. Aminn.

'Genggamlah dunia di tanganmu dan akhirat di hatimu agar kamu sentiasa mengingati akhirat tanpa melupakan dunia' (Saidina Abu Bakar as-Siddiq)