Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

It's tiring kan bila kau pilih untuk menjaga hati instead of telling the truth. Penat sebab kau pendam almost everything and you can't tell people around you about it since you are the kind of person that hard to gain some trust toward people. It's weird how people can simply hurt someone without feeling guilty or sinful. Sometimes cuba untuk letakkan diri kau dalam kasut seseorang dan faham satu persatu rasa dia. Tengok sejauh mana kau boleh hold lacrimal gland kau daripada burst and selama mana kau boleh tampal setiap bucu hati kau yang rabak. Kau akan sampai satu tahap where you choose untuk pekakkan telinga dan berlapang dada instead of bersesak dengan air mata. I'm easily annoyed with people but that's not the reason why I have to leave them or stay away from them. It's okay to let down your ego and be forgiveful. Because I still have love and kindness inside of me and I would choose to take care of the bonding ties instead of my ego. Sometimes you feel like about to explode you feel like bursting into tears but above all you know Allah will take care of you and prayers will mend everything Inshaa Allah.

I have developed some hatred toward this one person but I try to control myself not to show my annoyingness depan dia afraid that dia will get hurt and that's absolutely not good. I still sembang gurau dengan dia hoping that my hatred will finally disappear. Hating is no good. Not brings any benefit. So I try not to love someone too much and hate someone too much because it might turn out to be something else. You know right?? Sometimes you have this kind of feeling when you look someone at first sight and you suddenly don't like them. With no reason at all. It's like you simply jump into conclusion yang makcik tu sombong giler sebab tak balas senyum kau but you don't even know that she appeared like that sebab she mourned over the dead of her cat last night. First impression not always right. So better be husnudzhon all the time but to be husnudzhon is not easy kan. Sebab setan selalu influenced kau untuk talk bad on someone untuk suudzhon setiap masa. Well human tend to make mistakes and that's why we have to sit down and self reflect on what you have done today either you did good things more or bad things more.

The moment when you realize that you have changed in terms of attitude and verbally you started to wonder why but then when you looked at people around you, you finally knew what's actually wrong with yourself. But you can choose to be good or bad. Everyday when you wake up from your sleep you have a blank page in front of you and you have an option to either fill the page with all good things or bad things. You choose! But sometimes bad people love to ruin your day, your mood and your intention to do good and be good will be distracted. Yeah I know. And time tu lah datang nya sabar. So be sabr as long as you can and as far as you can. Sabr is what completes our imaan so choose sabr instead of anger choose heaven instead of hell. Tapi sabar pun ada limitnya and you definitely don't want to test someone's patience because once you did forgiveness is as hard as climbing the mount Everest ya knowww. Allah kan suka orang yang sabar.

When you befriend with someone you have to accept the bad and good side of them because that's what makes them. Maybe you can advice or try to fix them along the way. That's what friend for. Dear Allah my Lord save us from hellfire and guide us to your heaven. Amennnn.

p/s: if one day I'm leaving please don't ask why:) my dear Tiha I miss you so bad:(


  1. At this moment kte pun rasa apa yang awak rasa.. Kte pun dahcukup penat nak pendam sebenarnya. Kadang-kadang tak tahu nak luah kat siapa. Alhamdulillah Nana and Najla sudi memberi nasihat.. Hmmm, life getting tougher for me.. And mungkin ini adalah salah satu ujian kita. Apa-apa pun masalah awak.. Semoga Allah beri awak kecekalan yang tinggi in shaa Allah :)

    1. Fatimahhh. Same here. Yes it's tiring. Alhamdulillah mak kita selalu bagi nasihat kat kita. How sweet you girls still in touch with each other! Persahabatan yang berlandaskan lillahi taala will last longer inshaa Allah. I hope u girls are fine. Sama sama kita cekal okay. Inshaa Allah this going to be awhile je:)