Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

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Ya Rasulullah,  I hope you listen to the voice of my heart. 

I'm sorry for not being a good Muslim. I'm sorry for not being a good example to the non-Muslims. I'm sorry for forgetting you. I'm sorry for not practicing your sunnah, I'm sorry for everything that I shouldn't have done as a Muslim. Dear Rasulullah, I longing to see you in person though I know I don't deserve that. I'm a sinner while you are the noblest person and the most dearest to Allah. If you were here right now, you must be very sad looking at what have I done for Islam, for the Ummah. Seeing those in Palestine struggling for a living from day to day while I'm in here struggling to decide either to eat bolognese or carbonara for dinner. Shame on me! I should be more grateful for all the blessings that Allah have given to me. My dearest Muhammad, thank you for the Light (Islam) that you have ignited to the whole world. Oh messenger of Allah, when the Day of Judgement comes, when I'm about to be pushed to the Hellfire, please pull me out by giving me your syafaat ya Rasulullah. I want to meet you in Jannah. I know heaven deserves for good people, and for that I'm trying my best to be good. Ya Allah, hear me, I want to enter Your Jannah and please help me being a better Muslim.

May this day will be the day we change ourselves into being a good Muslim. Recite lots of salawat and make good deeds. May all of us istiqamah along our way to His Jannah. Aminn:)

May Allah bless all of us;)