Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

I have finished my viva this morning. I was unsatisfied though it went quiet okay. Got two stations. First station was for upper limb and second station was for thorax and only 4 minutes occupied for each station. I chose to start the first 4 minutes with upper limb. Prolly because my knowledge on upper limb more fab compared to thorax. Haha. First station went quite smoothly. The external examiner asked simple questions only. The nightmare began on second station. I stucked at one of the questions about heart. I dont know whether I didn't hear her question or I can't understand her accent or I was blank. hahahahaha. It's either one lah. That unanswerable questions brought me down. 

I really need that 10% to back up my CVR paper. I don't think I did well in CVR. The MCQs' killed me softly. FUN paper was quite 'fun' jugalah. After finished answering all the MCQs' then I realized that quite many questions that I circled because I was not sure of the answers. LOL! That was the fun part of FUN --' Well I did my best. I put all of my efforts and it's time to let Him do the rest. Tawakal is the only thing that I can do now. I cannot turn back the time so that I can change my answer from 'cAMP' to 'cGMP'. hhahahaha. Okay pain boleh move on rasanya. If He wants to give me a 'pass' I would be grateful but if not I still need to be grateful anyways and also means that I need to work harder for the next semester. Last exam on Friday which is CC/EPC then 3 weeks break. Yeayy. First semester out of ten, but I already mentally drained. I really need a vacay during this upcoming 3 weeks break. Can someone bring me to Bora Bora please. I need to chillax. hahahaha. 

Most importantly please pray for our summative. May all of us pass. Amin. #prayforJC1'ssummative