Bismillah. Assalamualaikum..

Hassan al-Basri was a Muslim preacher, theologist and scholar of Islam. He had been nursed by Ummu Salamah, the wife of prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Hasan al-Basri was one of the most renowned tabi'een (the generation after the death of the Prophet) and the scholar of people in Basrah.

At his teen, he was a very handsome young man. He loved to wear expensive clothes and always wandered around the city of Basrah. One fine day, while he was wandering around he saw a woman in niqab. Her pretty eyes attracted Hassan al-Basri. His nafs had driven him to follow the woman. She noticed that someone was following her. She turned around and saw Hassan al-Basri.

"Why you following me? Haven't you feel ashamed?". Said the woman in niqab.

Hassan al-Basri took a look around. Nobody was there. 

"To whom I need to be ashamed?". He asked.

"Feel ashame towards Allah S.W.T The All-Knowing. He is aware of the most stealthy glance and of all that the hearts would conceal".

Hassan al-Basri became more attracted to the woman. He couldn't fight his nafs and continue following her.

"Why you still following me?"

"I was mesmerized by your beautiful eyes"

"If so, then wait in here. I'm going back to my house and I will give you what you want". She said.

Hassan al-Basri was happy to hear that. He couldn't wait for her to come back. 

Not so long after that, a maidservant approached Hasan al-Basri and gave him a box wrapped with a handkerchief. He opened the box and was very shocked to see a pair of eyes covered with blood. 

"The woman in niqab that you followed is my owner. She said that she don't want to have the eyes that cause fitna upon men".

Hasan al-Basri was very ashamed of himself. For the whole day, he cried and seek repentance (tawbah) from Allah. On the next day, he went to the woman's house to ask for forgiveness but the neighbourhood said that she had passed away because she was too sad thinking about her sins. He cried for three days and was filled with great remorse and shame over what he did. At the third night he dreamt about the woman in niqab. She was sitting in the garden of heaven. 

"Please forgive me". Said Hasan al-Basri to the woman.

"I already forgave you. Because of you I'd been placed amongst the honorable in Allah's sight. O' young man, seek repentance when you are alone or in the crowd. Remember Allah and do zikr earnestly day and night".

Hasan al-Basri listened to her advice and practiced all of them. He finally being a deeply pious and ascetic Muslim that we all knew and heard about. May Allah bless his souls.

Lots of ibrah that we can take from this story. Focusing on the woman, she really deserves a place in Jannah. She such a righteous servant of Allah.
My iman is not as high as her as she let go of the dunya to keep focus on the akhirah. I'm a sinner and sometimes just too blind to realize the mistakes and sins that I have done. It is shameful to keep making sins in this temporary dunya while Allah keep giving me chance to live so that I can repent. I'm sorry O' Allah for making You waiting for my repentance every day. Astaghfirullah. I really need You. Please guide me to your Jannah. Please guide my parents, my siblings, my relatives, my friends, my teachers and my Muslim brothers and sisters to your Jannah. May we all meet there. Aminnn ya Rabb:)


  1. please tell its authenticity

    1. Dear Hannah. I heard this story from my murobbi. If it's wrong please correct me. I will delete this post.