Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

I hope it is not too late to wish all muslim people a happy eid mubarak. May Allah accept the good deeds from me and you:)

The girls above I knew them since I was in sgb. We were in the same class since grade 8 till 10. I cant recall how we became so close but I believe He had arranged it. We shared a lot of thing together. Secrets, foods, money, etc. We laughed at each other's jokes though sometimes it was just hambar and tah apa apa especially mine. I spent most of my time with them at school. Study together merepek together recess together. How time flies T__T

 I cant forget this one amusing thing when we were in pbsm. We participated in nasyeed performance. *thunderclap. We didnt have much time to practice and we just did it once at wawa's house and it took few hours to make it looked and sounded perfect. It was very funny because we had to sing nasyeed song in pbsm uniform. Weirdddddd. The embarrassing part was while we were singing nasyeed and had to do some hand gestures so that our performance didn't look plain and boring, everyone was like berterabur. Some made hand gestures to the north some made to the south and some was like so blurrr. Dont have much time to practice rememberrrr! Thank God we made it to third place.*giggle.

Then when we were on 11th grade everything changed. I had to leave sgb because I got an offer to study in mrsm taiping. Same goes to Dilla. She got an offer from sms muzaffar syah. Fiqah also left sgb because she involved in gengsterism. hahaha jkjk. She been offered to sms muar. Wawa and Leena still loyal to sgb. However we always held a gathering during long school holidays.Though we have been separated by distance because all of us now are furthering our study in university but we still not forgetting each other. Our 'spot biasa' during gathering is kepsi metanah. No other places can beat kepsi metanah. kahkah. Despite the short meeting it was worth it. Catching up with each other's current life. To spice up our meeting babbling about updated gossips is a must! hahaha jk.

I hope we can overnight somewhere else together like we did after spm. But this time lets gather out of malacca. #kekrabikekita. haha. Inshaa Allah. 7 years and counting. May Allah bless this friendship and grant us place in Jannah aminn. I love you girls and will always do. Inshaa Allah.

kau sorang je gelak wa hahahahaha.
Thats all. Have a great day! Ilalliqa':)