Bismillah. Assalamualaikum..

Based on the picture, which one is your obsession?

I could say that the society biggest obsession right now is instagram followed by twitter. Youth are more into these two things and Facebook has now become a medium for makcik pakcik to interact. Lewls. I used to have twidder acc. but I deactivated it few days after its launching. haha. I dont know whether I'm the one who dont know how to use it or it's super boring. Update status, see someone's status, retweet if the tweet sounds interesting yada yada yada. Some of my friends urge me to make instagram acc. but I resist to do it because lazy pain is so lazy to do so. I'm outdated and I know it. I don't care what people going to say.

I have Facebook and I know how it feels like to have a social network. Sometimes you become so attached with it and everyday you want to log in your acc. to stalk your crush, to see how many people have liked your picture or followed you, to see what people had posted etc. Sometimes, when we see other people uploaded their picture and we are kinda amazed with their flawless skins and we suddenly said something that we shouldn't have to say like  'she probably used camera360 or maybe the pictures had been edited that's why she looked pwettyy' or even something like 'wow! she looks so flawless, I'm so insecure.' And clicking the 'block' button. Okay I'm not that type. Seriously no. We don't even notice that we are not grateful with what we already have.

There would be some points in our life when we feel a bit lacking here and there or being inferior when we see someone that are more handsome more pretty or more slimmer than us. But somehow we just have to be grateful in what Allah had given to us. Facebook sometimes has made me feel ungrateful without I even realized. We keep impressed with other people's lives and found that ours are always lacking. May Allah keep us away from that kind of attitudes and make us the ones who always be thankful for His Favor that He has bestowed upon us. Amin.

Few days ago, I'd watched 'always a traveller' hosted by Mizz Nina. In the first episode Mizz Nina had asked Yasmin Mogahed about the pros and cons of social network and how it affects our lives as a Muslim. She said that recent psychological study has shown, the more time people spend comparing themselves to others in social network the more dissatisfied they become in their lives. Because we looked at the 'photoshop' version of someone's life. Seeing that they have a super awesome and super exciting lives and they always seem so happy. That's just making us feel envy and dissatisfied with what we have. Apart from that, people become more dependent and addicted on getting approval or self-worth from someone else in terms of how much 'like' or 'retweet' they got. But above all, social network can be beneficial if we used it in the correct way. It can be a medium to spread da'wah and tighten a silaturrahim with our faraway friends and family.

We need to keep a distance with social network afraid that we will become even more attached or engaged with it. Nowadays, all news are just at the fingertips and we don't even know whether they are true or false. Just be very careful and have a wisdom in handling our social network. It's not wrong to have social network as long as we have a good intention on it. Everything is in our hands. It all depends on us on how we deal with it. Instead of twitting lots of swearing and bad things why not we twitting about something that can motivate people and build them. Inshaa Allah we can get rewards from that. I hope we can change into a better person after this aminn:)

One more thing. Girls, I need to remind you and myself as well. Syakh Omar Suleiman once mentioned: "You can put up the most decent picture of yourself wearing niqab and abaya...but now what if a 50 year old is looking at your picture lustfully?". Nauzubillah. Remember the story of Hasan al- Basri with the beautiful young lady? Okay I will tell that story in my next entry inshaa Allah.

Okay thats all. Have a good day and may Allah bless us all;)