Bismillah. Assalamualaikum..

So this is going to be the story when I was in palam. Actually I was the former student of UiTM Puncak Alam in Foundation in Science. I wasnt expecting to study in here at first. Palam was my fifth choice in UPU. I wished for asasi perubatan in UIA but Allah had chosen palam for me and I just go for it. I'd been offered kolej mara kulim for my matriculation study but I rejected it because Kedah and Melaka ya Allah too far okay. Takleh bau apa mama masak dekat rumah kerana terlalu jauh. Cis melampau tau. haha. Some people look down on UiTM and I dont know why but I just dont care. As long as I get the chance to further my study, well that would be more than enough. Trust me palam is awesome. Super awesome. The hostel cant beat other unis because here is more like living in a house but without a kitchen. Everything is complete. There is toilet in the house and you dont have to worry if you want to 'berbisnes' at 3 or 4 am. Takyah risau pasal hantu bagai. Very comfortable lah senang cite.

I've been placed in Kolej Rafflesia 5 which is close to 'tangga kejayaan', cafe, and surau. I couldnt ask for more:) Talking about 'tangga kejayaan' fuhh *breathless. Seriously you need to have an oxygen tank once you reached the top because you will gasp for air. Dah tak kisah dah muka buruk pun asalkan dapat oksigen. hahaha.

To be honest Im so grateful to be part of R5608. This house was where I met my second family. The Vogues. They are so sweet. Atiah Nadhirah, Alia Najwa, Aqilah Mansor, Farhah, Raudzah, Hafizah and Syahirah. On the first day we met we became instantaneously clicked. Rindunya nak berbuka puasa sama sama! Then one by one left the house. Syahirah was the first one who left because she got an offer for medical course in Russia. Then Raudzah left because she got an offer from Mara for engineering in Harriot Watt. Then Hafizah, my cute little roommate left me T__T because she got an offer from Mara and now pursuing her study in United State, same with Iman Hana'. Then Farhah left because she got Felda Scholarship for medical course and now in KYUEM.

A little bit quiet when only four people left. But with the presence of Alia Najwa, twas like living with 10 people in the house. Dia suka gila buat 'jangan lupa lirik' dia tu. I cant stop laughing sometimes when I heard she sang. Main bantai je. She really loves kpop especially shinee specifically onew. Atiah Nadhirah is the girly type compared with everyone else in the house. She loves cinderella. She loves making crochet andddd she loves Ed Sheeeerannn!! *high five. The last one, Aqilah Mansor the cat lover. I cant recall how many cats she had at home but banyaklah. Macam macam nama ada. And she is a morning person. Pukul 4/5 pagi dia dah bangun dah. So sometimes she as the one who woke us up in the morning for subuh. Thank you qilah:* Aduh rindunya hampa semua ni. tsk. Bila nak makan maggi berjemaah lagi ni tsk tsk.

Alia suka jet jet vip bila tangkap gambo:P
Haa tengok! Main belon pun masih kekalkan keayuan. Jubah baju kurung pun jalannn

I've been grouped in D8. D8 was such an awesome class. I was in the same class with Ikhlas. I dont know whether I need to be sad or happy. Enough with two years of being a classmate with him when I was in SGB. Hes quite annoying sorry ikhlas but hes funny (sometimes). If theres no him in the class, it would be a little bit krik krik. Thanks Ikhlas sebab tolong aku belikan goody bag walaupun kau beli yang ada gambar spiderman and transformers. Aku tak tahu nak gelak ke nak nangis masa tu.

 We the girls were close. Im so happy to have friends like them. They are sooo nice. Imagine that only few of them used 'aku kau' in conversation (please include me) and the rest used 'saya awak'. It's awkward okay to use 'saya awak'. Nasib baik diorang jenis tak kisah. hehe. you so bad pain, so bad. I miss them. Had so much fun with them especially during our class trip to Ajla Village. We started to mend the bonds. The activities held filled the gap between us and we began to know each other even closer. Alya is my bestfriend when I was in palam and will be my bestfriend forever Inshaa Allah. She was my classmate. She really understand me and verry patient with me. I know im not a good friend alya, but I believe you are. You always with me and  never leave me alone. She loved to hold my arm and sometimes I just rimas and she will put up a joke 'ish nak pegang tangan kawan sendiri pun tak boleh ke'. haha. 
*crying buckets.

Guess who wasnt there? Okay masa ni Sarah terlepas sesi photography sebab dia tertidur dalam library. ZzZzz

This was after biology exam which is the last day of asasi. Ni lepas nangis nangis ni

Last day of chemistry lab with our beloved mentor mdm asiah.

Ni lah Ajla Village. Best kat situ sebab kena gigit nyamuk memalam:D

Last day untuk lab bio

Yang ni masa gathering nak habis asasi centulah.

Ni group lab physics. Empat kepala ni kalau bergabung boleh meletups lab. 
The lecturers here are so nice. They will give you a warm welcome when you are in front of their office wanted to ask some questions doesnt matter whether you are their student or not. Takkan nak halau kalau dah buat muka simpati depan pintu. They are very pleased to share their knowledge. I miss them T__T. Honestly, for that 10/11 months in palam I'd been through lots of sweetness and bitterness. FiS is a little bit tough at first but if you give 100% on it and keep that momentum Inshaa Allah you can make it. Straight As in SPM doesnt guarantee 4.00 in matriculation or foundation if you dont make any effort for it. Those who dont get good result in SPM, you dont have to worry. Foundation/matriculation is where you can shine. Tu pun kalau dah repent tak nak main main and dok pulun habis. If you've been offered FiS in UiTM Puncak Alam, just go for it. Dont hear too much about what others said about UiTM. Just turn a deaf ear. All the best palamians 14/15. May what we become next will give benefit towards the ummah Inshaa Allah.

Okay thats all. Have a good day and may Allah bless us:)