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Okay the picture above was taken from google image ye. hehe.

This is the latest looks of MRSM Taiping after has been awarded with the title of smart school on 2013 I guess. Due to that lots of allocation were given to this school in order to reach the standard of smart school. Then lots of rumour said that there will be gymnasiumlah, the school field yang dah macam padang jarak padang tekukur tu will be replaced with a track ala ala stadiumlah, each student will be provided with tabletlah, etc. And all of the rumours were true actually. Sadly we the 29th batch could not experience that because we already blah from that school. Hampa. The junior, the 30th batch has made me proud of them because the had successfully fulfilled the dreams of all the teachers in MRSM Taiping to be no. 1 in SPM 2014 and it was not just among MRSM but among all schools in Malaysia inc. SBP and government schools (kemen). Mulalah semua ex students tepeng tumpang their popularity. Lol. Ayahanda will be the happiest man on earth of course because right after the result had been announced, he retired from being a principal. Coincidence sangattt. It's more like a gift for him during his retirement day. Well MRSM Taiping is one of the best school in Malaysia because this school had produced a lots of leader, entrepreneur, doctor, etc. And one of the example is meeee. Jk. I'm not regret entering this school.

Reminiscing my first day I was in this school I was like 'seriously aku pilih nak masuk sekolah ni, dahlah perak dengan melaka jauh gila memang harapanlah mama ayah nak tengok aku every week' First few months were hard and challenging. Been away from family and good friends when I was in SGB just made my living there quite tough. Couldn't get away from being homesick. Every time mama called me my eyes automatically filled up with tears but I still can control my voice. Jet jet tough kengkononnya. At first it's hard to get friend in here since I was from kemen and most of them were from MRSM and they already had a clique. Thank God I had Boat Alleys Crew (wing B Atas). All of us were from kemen and we just can click only in a short period of time. Ya Allah I miss my Boat Alleys crew:')

Then I met Iman Hana'. She was the third intake student while I was second. She was my first best friend when I was in tepeng and she was from kemen as well. Auffa and Afiqah were my second and third best friends. We were desk mates. It took me few months to adapt with the environment and the people there. I'm so blessed to have Boat Alley because I shared most of my stories or problems with them. They were the only people that I can express my feelings and emotions and sadness because we were in the same boat, first time studying in boarding school and away from family. During the first few months I wasn't close with my classmates (ninerz) because I spent most of my time with Boat Alley. I wasn't 'prep' in the class because I been uncomfortable and student center or psp (library) will be my spot. Usually I would hangout and study with my Boat Alleys crew.

When I was in the middle of form 4, we the ninerz started to fill in the gap between us. When I was in form 5 we became close like family. We did everything together and twas fun. Trust me I miss ninerz so much. At the middle of the year or maybe earlier than that I have a new best friend, Athirah Ibrahim. And still will be my bff Inshaa Allah. We hid under the blanket and shared our problems our sadness our crush and everything. She was my neighbour in A Atas. A girl next cube. So every night before we slept any one of us will knock the wall (made of woods) and say 'goodnight weh, sweet dream' but she will say it first mostly. hehe. Tirah I wish we can spend some time together one day. We the girls (ninerz) were very close. I still remember we skipped usrah on Jumaat (don't try this juniors) and gathered in the 'bilik belajar' (forgot the name) with tcr jeeva our mod. math/ add math teacher and we shared a lot of stories from tcr jeeva's background to gangster dekat tepeng to cerita hantu to cerita afiqah farhani (bedah ) yang mengarut. hahahahaha. I miss your jokes lah bedah. Lots of sweet memory in here and I will never forget InshaaAllah kalau takde Alzheimer. Looking forward to step into this school again and meet the teachers there.

To those who are still confused to choose which boarding school that they want to go please consider MRSM Taiping to be in your list. This school is a stepping stone for you to change yourself into someone that is better than before. Trust me. The life in here is kinda like a life in university. The teachers there will put all of their efforts together in order to make sure that each of their student can achieve flying colors. You won't regret:)
I forgot what event was this but it was like bonding session with our junior

Eliya's and Bedah's birthday celebration. There was interesting story behind this cake and it was funny.

Appreciation night for those who achieved good result in exam

Our first appreciation night if I'm not mistaken

This was a month away before spm started I guess. Eh lupa banyak dah aku ni asyik I guess je

See! see! this is our class ye not tempat pembuangan sisa pepejal or rak buku. Ni baru nama nak ambil spm ye dokkk. hihihi

Okay gegurls haruslah ada gambar bersama sama before leaving the school

MRSM Taiping's annual dinner

 This was in dewan sri larut for the graduation day's rehearsal. Kelas tak dewan kitorang:')

Calon calon zaujah yang dicari. hahahaha jk. We looked like want to perform nasyeed

This was at hotel taiping perdana where our graduation ceremony been held. Happy kids.
Okay. There are many pictures of us act. but I'm so lazy to upload. All ninerz just love taking pictures. Pantang nampak camera. lol. Looking forward to seeing you guys next time. Probably some of us already had spouse and kids during the reunion.

That's all. May Allah bless us:)


  1. Well said..batch spm tahun bila?

  2. Beruk2 kat blakang maktab tu sihat lagi tak? Hahahaha...good old days

    1. hahahahahaha. ofc. they breed wisest beruks in the world. 29th batch. spm 12/13