Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

The title is in french means 'cooking is my passion'. I love everything about foods and that's why I love cooking. When I'm in good moods, I will think about 'okay petang ni nak masak ni lah, esok nak masak ni, lusa nak bake ni'. So usually after morning jog, mama and I will go to nearby supermarket to buy the ingredients. Sometimes, when my moods disappear, duduklah ingredients tu semua dalam fridge sampai datang mood tu balik. haha. Everyday I will ask mama what to cook for lunch then mama will ask me back 'nak masak apa eh?' So I will suggest what dish to cook for lunch. Mama will just agree with everything I suggested because she's not into cooking sangat sebab mama kata panas duduk dapur lama lama. hahaha. I don't know where I got gene minat masak ni. Maybe my grandma lah kot. So when I said okaylah biar orang masak, then mama will be the happiest person of course. Mama more into cleaning the house sebab mama suka tengok rumah kemas. I will clean the house when I have moods. Normally my moods to clean the house come once a week.

I started learning how to cook since sekolah rendah rasanya. Started with stirring the broth then progressed into chopping the onions then into masak nasi. Some mothers don't let their daughter to help them in the kitchen afraid that they will spoil the broth but mama is not like that. She loves seeing me and nani help her cook in the kitchen. So we can be self-independent later. Back then when mama cooked something I will ask 'ma ni apa?, ma kenapa kena masuk ni?, ma kenapa kuah ni masin?'. Ehh, the last one tu sometimes happen juga. eleh macam mak korang tak pernah terlebih letak garam. Now, I can cook by myself. No need to ask mama what to put next, how it tastes like. Sometimes have to lah sebab yang nak makan nya satu rumah. Masin sikit nanti ungkit nya sampai tahun depan. Till now, I can cook few western foods macam spaghetti carbonara and bolognese, lasagne, chicken chop and fried macaroni. Masakan kampung tu tahulah juga macam masak asam pedas, sambal, nasi lemak, benda benda bergoreng ni retilah. But the western foods tu I just googled the recipes. Sometimes main campak. hehehe. Have the courage to trust your instinct.

Couldn't agree more
How I wish to be able to make cakes. Dapat buat red velvet, or cheese cake or moist chocolate cake pun jadilah. Tapi serious leceh. haha. I just bought a ready made cake kiranya the flour tu dah siap mixed with soda bicarbonate and also topping tu already provided. Tinggal letak telur butter then whisk and bake je. Tak ada feel langsung buat cake macam tu. I'm so jealous with some of my friends yang already knew how to make cakes and breads. Fatimah Masturah tahu macam mana nak buat. She had made a mousse cake. Fuyyyoo. Aku pun taktau apa jenis kek tu. Once I googled what mousse cake is, oh my goodness I just can drool. Next time you teach me eh. hihi.

Being a girl, we should have a cooking skills. Orang tua sometimes ada cakap 'tak kisah kalau tak reti masak, yang penting suka masuk dapur'. Sebab lama lama adalah skills tu tapi kalau masuk dapur pun taknak. Well no comment on that. Girls, while you have time to learn on how to cook, you need to learn it now because later when you already have a career, there is no time to do so. Do you want to feed your husband or your children with fast foods? or foods you bought from the stalls that you don't even know its hygiene. Don't regret later. While our parents are still alive, at least bagilah mereka rasa masakan from air tangan kita. The happiness when we feed someone with the foods that we cook is undescribeable. Bila kita masak lillahi taala then keluarga kita makan, InshaaAllah ada pahala nya di sisi Allah. Ramadan is just around the corner, we can prepare what to cook during the break fasting and why not some of the dishes we distribute to our neighbours. High rewards from Allah tau.

Okay that's all. May Allah bless us:)


  1. Ala.. kte pun beginner jea.. Tak sangka retis ni pun suka ke dapur.. Hehe. Keep it up!