Bismillah. Assalamualaikum..

Faline Panleukopenia ni is a viral disease of cats caused by the virus. It's highly contagious and life-threatening disease. The outbreak is still ongoing right now. Last week 'belang the first' died because of this bloody virus. Yesterday 'belang the second' pula mati sebab positive this disease. A day before 'belang the sec.' died, we brought him to vet. At that time memang badan dia dah very weak. Nak bangun pun lembik je. He dont want to eat for few days and his faeces are green in color and watery. He also vomiting quite often and his body was hot due to fever. When we were at the veterinary clinic the vet yang boleh tahan encem tu sampai im so shy nak pandang dia already suspected that he had the virus because all of his symptoms showed that he had panleukopenia. Then the vet tu keluarkan macam pregnancy test punya alat tu. haha. He want to make sure whether 'belang the sec.' really had the disease or not. While nak tunggu alat tu detects the virus sempatlah juga dengar ceramah kesihatan kucing from the vet. Tu yang kena paid sampai seratus agaknya. haha jk. Ubat manusia pun tak sampai seratus. Few minutes later alat tu showed the positive sign of panleukopenia. Belum sempat pun nak feed 'belang the sec.' with the medications given by the vet, he died on the next day. I woke up from sleep then I saw he wasnt breathing T__T.

The vet said that among 10 cats that were infected with the disease, 9 of them will be confirmly died. Kalau one cat kena disease tu satu taman yang ada kucing will be infected. Dasyat kan. And he added, usually the death of the cat yang already infected ni macam berangkai. Seekor mati hari ni then few days later another cat will be dead. The cat that has been infected with the virus will show the symptoms three to four days after that. Because this virus punya incubation period in the body is about three to four days. And he recommended to clean spot kucing selalu main and their food bowls with bleach to kill the virus sebab sometimes if we use dettol pun the virus still there. It can survive in the carpets or furnishings for more than a year. Degil punya virus! The fluid from the infected cat tu that makes other cats yang makan dekat bekas yang sama also will be infected. Lemah bila dengar kena clorox rumah every night and day kalau nak kasi kucing hidup lama. Mama pandang aku aku pandang mama. Even we the human can be the carrier of the virus. Kalau kita pegang the infected cat then pegang the healthy cat pula, high possibility for the healthy cat to be infected. The vet said that the vaccine for the disease still isnt available so usually the infected cat will be given multivitamin and antibiotic. But dont worry, the virus will attack cats only not us.

We not keeping our cats in the cage. We just let them free to play outdoors. So one thing jelah pasal tu is that our cats will be exposed to other wild cats that maybe already had the virus. Our most favorite kucing dekat rumah, oren si gendut tu pun baru lepas recovered from the disease. He dont want to eat and got diarrhea. I thought dia merajuk tak nak makan because I always bullied him. haha. Thank God we took him to the clinic immediately kalau tak mereput lah aku sorang sorang dekat rumah tak ada siapa nak dibuli. He's a healthy boy now and dah mula kacau orang makan. Putih pula yang currently infected. He dont want to eat and just sleep for the whole day. Kalau tak dialah yang the most hyperactive one dekat rumah tu. Sukar dikawal betul. We brought him to the clinic together with 'belang the sec.' and the vet injected him with multivitamin. Right after we arrived at home terus si putih ni lahap makanan. Cepat betul ubat tu bagi kesan. Getus hatiku. haha. But his eyes still lagi tak okay. His third eyelid tak turun lagi so he has not fully recovered.

This is oren when he was gendut. After few days tak makan hari tu he became slim sikit.

This was putih before he was sick
When cats start to refuse foods, it's probably they are sick or already full haha. Sick cats will always moody. The obvious sign is when their third eyelid tu macam naik ke atas and closed 1/3 of their eyes. That is more like an indicator that the cats are sick. Macam si putih kena sekarang ni.
Nampak tak third eyelid dia naik tu. Means that this cat is sick. Pinjam kucing jap ye pakcik google.
If any of your cats are sick, bring them to the vet  immediately if you dont want to lose them. Dont forget to bring the money also. hehe.

Okay thats all. May Allah bless us all:)

p/s: it's first Ramadan tomorrow Alhamdulillah♥ Dont forget to taraweh tonight and niat poso.


  1. Hah? Ada kucing dh mati ke? Tsssssskkk nk nangis tsssssskkkk tsssskkkk

    1. Aah. Ada 3 ekor kucing belang tu en. Yang stockin dgn adik dia dh mati. Tinggal belang yg betina je. Tabah ye nani. Hihihi.